Course Overview

In order to provide the flexibility that we know is important to teachers, our professional development and graduate-level credit courses are offered in two formats: professor-led and self-paced. Regardless of the format you choose, our professors are actively involved in class discussions, Q and A, and the grading of the project-based assessments that conclude each course.


  • Regular Webinars Led by the Professor
  • Video Q+A sessions
  • Professor Monitored Forum Discussions
  • Set Schedule with 1-week Intensive Courses and 8-week Bi-weekly Courses
  • Professor Graded Project-Based Assessment


  • Video-based Instruction
  • Up to 365 Days to Complete the Course
  • Start Any Self-Paced Course at Any Time
  • Professor Monitored Forum Discussions
  • Professor Graded Project Based Assessment
  • Most Affordable Option

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