Private Instruction – 1 hr.


One hour of private instruction from one of our faculty. (Please contact us to arrange availability before purchasing).

Get private instruction from George or Chris, one class at at time - no long term commitment necessary. Switch between them as you go if you like.  George is our teacher and Chris is our technologist but both of them have been in both roles.  George has over 25 years teaching at the University level, including jazz, technology, theory and pedagogy.  Chris has been and independent media engineer for just as long working with classical location recording, live sound, video and web development.  Their resources and experiences come together for teaching music online.
Whether you need help solving a specific problem or want to start on a more comprehensive journey, we have the experience and resources to help you.  As a bonus we're on opposite sides of the world, so we regularly work with each other online.  No matter your time zone, we'll find a time to help.


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